Transform Static Flowcharts and Workflow Diagrams into Dynamic Simulation Models.

The predictive technology of ProModel allows you to design-in success, increase capacity, decrease costs, reduce cycle time, and test alternatives in a risk-free environment before committing capital and resources. What could be more valuable?

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Quickly and easily simulate Microsoft Office Visio® flowcharts, Value Stream Maps and workflow diagrams. Process Simulator installs as a add-in to Visio, allowing you to seamlessly create and run simulation models inside Visio. It is a simple, predictive, productivity improvement tool that has the potential to change your future.

Notice: A 32-Bit version of Microsoft Visio is required to run Process Simulator (Visio 2016, Visio 2013, or Visio 2010.

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Process Simulator requires a 32-bit version of Visio 2016, 2013 or 2010.

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